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It's me!

Artist and writer Morgan Gleave is easy to spot. With his shaggy grey haid and bushy beard, he looks a bit like a wizard...

Sometimes he writes and draws his own comics and stories, and sometimes hew draws stories for other comics, including The 77 and Sentinel. Morgan loves comics and cartoons, especially those with bold artwork and colours. He loves skateboarding too.

Morgan often wears his favourite trucker caps and tee shirts, but has been known to waer a shirt and tie on occasion...

Morgan is a proud ambassador of the Tic Tac Skate School (who he also makes art for...), and is a member of the Onslawt Apparel Freestyle Crew, who are based in New York. He is also an ambassador for Black Spell, a UK closthing and lifestyle company. He has created artwork for skateboard companies and publications. He does love skateboarding...

He is currently developeing a child friendly skateboarding magazine, which encourages positive attitudes, inclusivity and mutual respect.

Morgan is always happy to discuss new projects, and help people who want bright, colourful, and most importantly... HAPPY art.